Client Testimonials

"I worked with Steph once before about 6 years ago so I was confident she would be able to help me shed some unwanted pounds before my wedding! Steph is as amazing as she was when she first helped me. She is available for advice, menu planning and support whenever you need her! She never lets you feel like you are failing and is constantly encouraging you to keep going! She makes healthy eating seem so easy yet admits that changing your habits can be difficult and take some time! I loved working with Steph again and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to make a healthy change! I lost 15 lbs. in 10 weeks with Steph! Thanks so much Steph you are a life saver!"

Becky, Age 25

“Just over a year ago, I started my journey to a healthier me with Steph.  In June of 2016, I was finally ready to make "me" a priority.  I was full of excuses up to this point.  I have two young boys who are the centre of my world and their needs came first (as all mothers know).  I had never really lost my baby weight and I was so busy taking care of them, and my job, that I had nothing left for me.  As a health and physical educator, I know the value and importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Every day I was educating youth about living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of eating well and being active, yet I was having a hard time incorporating that into my own life.  I was also promoting positive self image and confidence in young women, yet not feeling confident myself.

Enter Steph.  My husband and I attended a Dynafit Customer Appreciation night.  Steph was there grilling.  I am not sure what made me talk to her, but I knew I was ready to make a change.  I told Steph that as a teacher, I needed to wait until July before I was able to sign on with her.  This way I could jump in with both feet.  "No Excuses".  I went about my busy June and honestly forgot about my conversation with her.

July came and I got a message from Steph. It was exactly what I needed as I am not sure I would have made the call to her in July. I signed on for Steph's 12 week program and I began to make changes that I didn't think were possible.  We started by looking at my diet, and Steph made little suggestions of things to cut out, she gave ideas for substitutions that I could make and provided excellent recipe ideas for foods that incorporated more protein, less dairy and healthier carbohydrates.  I had no idea how much I would love sweet potatoes, quinoa and smoothies!  I felt that I always had Steph’s support, whether I was at the grocery store, a restaurant or in another province on vacation.  Steph was a just a message away when I was unsure of what food choice to make.  Steph was encouraging, yet never made me feel guilty for my mistakes.  She really gave me the guidance to make good choices.  The great thing about her program, is that the changes I made were easy, yet sustainable.  It has been over one year since I have had a Coca-Cola, which had previously been my vice and survival.  I never thought that I would be able to give up this up, but I have.  Even after we were done the program, Steph would check in to see how I was doing and she continued to offer her support.

Why am I writing this now, over a year later?  For so long I had intended to share my journey, but for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I realized this July that the real reason was because I wanted to see if this was a lifestyle that I could maintain.  Just over a year after starting with Steph, I am still down the original 23 pounds that I lost during our 12 week program.  I am running, I am walking, and enjoying life to the fullest.  I am eating healthier and feeling incredible.  The changes I have made are ones that will last and I am so thankful for Steph and her guidance through this process.”

Amanda, Age 37

“Thank you Steph. With your help and guidance, I have lost 20 pounds. I feel great. I used to take meds for acid reflux but with losing weight, I no longer take meds and I am symptom free. You think that it’s no big deal to lose weight, but it is so much easier working with Steph. She’s always there for you with encouragement, advice and support. “

Karen, Age 60

“After being disappointed with myself having eaten a TONNE of Easter Mini eggs and other holiday goodies, I contacted Steph.  I was feeling gross and I knew things had to change.  Basically, my whole life I've been a bit on the chubbier side.  I never worried too much about what I ate, just what I " felt like, having next to no knowledge on nutrition.

From scratch, Steph helped me to better plan my meals and include different types of food that was more nutritionally advantageous and most importantly keeping me feeling full. Steph was always just an email away, should I have any questions or queries in this "new world" of nutrition.  

The daily food logs and her gentle suggestions about my choices of what I was putting in my mouth were immensely helpful.  In the 8 weeks that I was with Steph, I have lost a total of 22 pounds! I've continued to keep the weight off, staying on track with the habits I have developed and getting to the local gym whenever I am able.

I have and will continue to recommend the Thrive program to anyone wanting to make this life change!”

Allison, Age 32

“Over the last 10 years of working in an office my weight has consistently gone up, especially in the last couple of years. I've always enjoyed working out, and I tried to eat what I thought was decently healthy, but the weight kept creeping on. I kept telling myself I needed to do something about it, but always found some type of excuse to put it off. I finally decided I needed to make a change that would last. I had seen multiple posts on Facebook from Thrive, and after looking at some of the transformations and seeing familiar faces that had success, I emailed Steph. She taught me a lot about the types of food to be eating as well as the quantity, which I had never really paid attention to before. I realized so many things that seemed like common sense, I just hadn't thought about them in such detail. Having to be accountable to someone was the best thing for me, as it made me stay away from foods because I didn't want to have to tell her I ate them! That being said, I never felt like I was being deprived either.

She helped me with getting better at planning meals for the week, which I hadn't been good at previously. She was always there for motivation and if I made a less than ideal choice, she made me feel good about enjoying myself and encouraged me to get back on track the next day.

In the 8 weeks I worked with Steph, I lost a total of 25 pounds and 13 inches. I fit into clothes I haven't fit into for years and feel so much better. I know I will be able to continue my journey using the tools I've learned, and highly recommend Steph to anyone looking for a lasting change!”

Thanks again Steph!

Ashley, Age 29

"After several years of seeing my weight creep up (and having no long-term success with ‘dieting’ on my own) I knew it was time to get serious about getting healthy. I had no energy, was beginning to suffer different aches and pains, and knew I was on a path to all kinds of health problems if I didn’t do something. From my very first email to Steph, she was positive, eager to help, but not pushy in any way. After 8 weeks of working with Steph, I’m down 14 pounds and feeling SO much healthier. My energy level has improved significantly and I look at food in a whole new light.

Keeping a daily food log and being accountable for what I ate was a key ingredient for me. It may sound like a lot of work but it taught me to really think about the choices I was making – not just for what I was putting into my mouth at the moment, but also in terms of planning for the day/week.

Right from Day 1, Steph was great at providing meal and snack suggestions. If I was getting bored with lunches – all I had to do was email Steph and she quickly provided other healthy lunch options for me to consider. She offered to look over my existing recipes and tweak them to make them healthier. If I found a new recipe I’d email it to Steph to get her input. If I was going to a restaurant Steph would review the menu and let me know what choices would be good ones. And she recognized that we all need treats every now and then – and I didn’t have to completely give up my weekly pizza date!

Steph’s genuinely caring nature and obvious passion for what she does were so evident in my daily emails with her. She gave me the tools, information, and motivation I needed to change my eating habits – and she made it easy! I still have more weight to lose – but I’ve learned so much from Steph and made such a radical change in my eating habits that I know I have the skills and motivation to continue. It’s such a great feeling to be in control of my food intake, really enjoy the food I’m eating, and have a return to my previous energy and enthusiasm for life. Thanks to Steph’s encouragement and advice, I feel great!"

Anonymous, Female, Age 57    

“I was reluctant to sign up with a program/trainer that worked solely online. Was she going to take my money and run and hardly check in? How much support would I actually get? Well let me tell you if you are having these same doubts, I can personally assure you to don't delay. SIGN UP NOW! I was and still am blown away by the timely responses and support Steph provided! Even after our time together came to an end, i still received emails from Steph asking how I was doing and checking in. She answered questions i had and still gave advice. That's going above and beyond people! Why does she do it? Because she genuinely cares and is passionate about her job and it shines through in her compassion for her clients. 

The accountability and daily email logs is what made this program successful for my personality and me. I've always been somewhat conscious of what I put into my body but also love my treats and it is so easy to get off track! Having to be accountable and "report" EVERYTHING I put into my mouth made me stay away from that cookie box and opt for fruit or veggies so I could "impress" Steph with my healthy choices. I had more treats then what I should have some days but Steph was always encouraging and motivated me to stay on track and offered substitutions to try. She reviewed restaurant menus and recipes to help me learn to make smart decisions. She is willing to go above and beyond for you to ensure you reach your goals. No question goes unanswered and no task goes undone. Need help meal planning, done. Looking for less expensive vitamin options? Here's a list. The support is truly unique and one of a kind. Thanks for your encouraging ways and helping me get on track Steph!”

- A motivated & happy client, female, age 27

“After hearing about Thrive from friends and seeing the results, I wanted to learn more about it.  After seeing pictures of winter weight on myself, I contacted Steph!  Her positive approach and encouragement made the journey much easier. 

Steph taught me how to read labels, what to look for, what to avoid, portion control and most important, how to eat healthy balanced meals.  We often discussed the importance of planning ahead- whether it’s a busy work week, a weekend away, a day of driving or a social gathering, Steph was prepared with lots of ideas of healthy snacks to take along.  Portion control and healthy balanced meals were areas I needed to focus on.  Steph was always available by text and email if I needed an answer.  I would send pictures of ingredient lists from the grocery store and she would reply right away!  She was prompt with her replies and checked in daily. 

Steph would make suggestions for meals, send recipes and then follow up to see how it went.  She has great recipes for meals and snacks.  She was never negative and if I “cheated,” Steph would encourage me to have a better day the next day. Steph considered my individual likes and dislikes and made suggestions around them.  I didn’t feel like I was giving up all of the things I love.  She suggests alternatives that can satisfy those cravings. 

I have lost 8 pounds in only 4 weeks and I am 2 pounds away from my goal! I am thankful for the time I have spent with Steph, the knowledge I have gained, the confidence in meal prep, and the ability to prepare and plan ahead.  My summer wardrobe fits again! Thanks Steph :)”

Chris, 43

"I was feeling sluggish, low energy and having issues with bloating. I decided to contact Steph for help. During the eight weeks that I was in daily contact with Steph I lost 18.8 pounds. She was always quick to answer questions and offer suggestions. I now find myself reading labels on everything and my eating habits have changed drastically. I have more energy, am working out on a regular basis and enjoying running again. Thank you Steph.”

Tammy, Age 40

“Three months ago I thought that I had tried every program out there.  Years of yo-yo dieting and putting off start dates had finally taken its’ toll and I was the heaviest I had ever been.   I had seen Steph’s program advertised on Facebook and finally took the plunge and contacted her.  It’s an understatement to say this was the best decision ever.  Steph gave me the tools and knowledge to completely change my lifestyle.  Her daily contact and motivation was exactly what I needed.  If I were to slip up and have an “off” day she was right there encouraging me to continue and start fresh the next day.  In the three months that I worked with Steph I lost a total of 27 pounds.  Since then I have continued on my journey and have lost a total of 35 pounds and 22 inches.  Most of all I feel great ... I finally feel like I’m in charge of my food intake and I have found my love of exercising again.  I have more energy and enthusiasm for life.  I no longer glance away when I pass that mirror but look proudly at the person I have become.  I’m not quite finished my journey yet but I know that I can get there because of all the tools Steph has given me.  Thanks Steph!”

Christa, Age 33

“Before working with Steph I had tried different things to lose weight and even had some success. But it never lasted. I always gained back the weight and lost motivation. Steph took what I was doing and helped me to make adjustments to see results that would last. Steph taught me a lot about good nutrition and the importance of feeding your body so it receives what it needs to function and be healthy. She helped me balance my meals to be healthy, filling and satisfying. The biggest thing for me was that Steph was incredibly motivating and positive! I would have a bad day where I would previously become unmotivated and "give up" but she encouraged me and helped me get back on track the next day! I am so grateful for Steph and what she did to help me reach my goals - on and more importantly off the scale! Thanks Steph!”

Anonymous, Age 27

“Since my diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, 6 years ago, I have gained over 30 pounds and my blood sugars were on a fast moving roller coaster.  I contacted Steph for guidance mostly to get my blood glucose under control and secondly to lose some weight, which is a difficult thing to do when as a Type 1 Diabetic, it is all about the carbs!

My projected targets were to a) get my AIC under 8 and b) lose 15 pounds over an 8 week time frame.

When I contacted Steph looking for help I received so much more….  The motivation, personal attention and daily support and advice (and all the awesome recipes) that I received from Steph kept me driven and focused to continue to lose weight and exercise and I started to look forward to those Friday morning weigh ins!

Thanks to Steph’s support and guidance, 10 weeks later I have surpassed by weight target and have lost 22 pounds to date and am pleased to report my AIC is 7.8

Steph is very knowledgeable, personable and professional.  She inspired and motivated me in every single step of my 8 week journey. 

I highly recommend her program and loved the fact it was all on-line which supported my busy work /life.  I am so glad that Steph was recommended to me!   Thanks so much Steph!"

Pam,  Age 49

“I am turning 40 this year and decided it was time to get in shape and change my lifestyle. Steph was amazing! She helped me put together an exercise program and showed me how to eat healthier. Steph was always available to answer questions and her daily check-ins really helped with keeping on track. It wasn't like a diet at all. I still ate lots of food but healthier foods. My husband lost 11 lbs by just eating the meals I cooked. :)  I lost 22 lbs. in 2 months and have been able to maintain that weight since. I feel great and am wearing clothes I haven't worn in years.  Thanks for putting me back on track Steph!"

Stacey, Age 39

“When I heard that Stephanie was searching for new clients I decided I needed to contact her to get more details on her philosophy, her program, and what she could offer me.   I am very grateful today that I did, Stephanie changed my life.

I was mostly frustrated because I was already working out routinely and had become an avid runner and yet I continued to slowly put on a few pounds.  I never thought I was a terrible eater; in fact I was convinced that I always did my best to make “healthy choices”. 

Steph’s daily nutritional guidance and step by step approach to healthy eating was the key to my success!  She taught me a lot about what to eat and when to eat it in order to optimize my weight loss.  It was easy and I never felt like I was sacrificing anything or trying another crash diet.  Her motivation and encouragement made it a true lifestyle change that I knew I could accomplish and maintain.

Steph and I communicated daily for 2 full months and I was able to meet my initial weight loss goal of 20lbs!  Following this accomplishment I set a personal goal to lose another 6 lbs. on my own from the tools Steph had taught me.  I met that goal and have managed to maintain the 26lb total weight loss for almost a year now.  My weight loss has brought me so much happiness and improved my confidence so much that I can’t thank Stephanie enough!

If you’re thinking about it, just do it, it will be the best decision you ever made! 

Thank you again Steph for all of your encouragement and guidance as a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach!  I am very proud of my accomplishment but could not have done it or maintained it without you. I am forever grateful!”

Carrie, Age 36

“I was at a point in my life where I woke up every morning and I never felt 'good'. I had done a lot of reading on food and was counting calories, watching what I ate and was working out regularly. I wasn't looking to lose a lot of weight but rather just feel better. After a few months of doing this and no change I began to think there must be something more that I was not doing. I was then a friend referred me to Steph and thought I should try her program. After just one week of working with Steph I was feeling better!  One great thing about working with Steph was that she was always very positive and encouraging, making it easier to stay on track. She was very punctual with advice and always answered any questions I had. I was able to lose the weight I wanted while still eating things I enjoy. I think overall she has taught me a lot about nutrition and how to keep healthy. I find that if I tend to go off track...over holidays or long weekends, but I am excited to go back to eating healthy because I know how it makes me feel. She has provided me with tips and advice that I will now have for the rest of my life and I know I have and will continue to benefit from. Although I have ended the program and continue on my own I have no doubt that I may use her again in the future when my lifestyle changes. Overall Steph has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to make a change in their life!”

Maria, Age 24

“Steph helped me lose 54 lbs. for my destination wedding last November!  I am a very picky eater and Steph worked with my likes and dislikes to create a nutritional program that worked for me. She also got me to experiment with new healthy foods that I now love and include in my diet every day! If I had any questions at all, whether I was out for dinner and needed help choosing a meal from a menu or in a grocery store wondering what to get, she was always just an email away.  She took a look at my lifestyle and created a program that would suit my daily routine. When I would plateau, she would recommend or tweak my diet a bit and it always seemed to work.  I have recommended Steph to friends and family and I know that all of them have had great success with Steph as well. I highly recommend her!”

 Wendy, Age 31

“Stephanie does amazing work and I'm thankful every morning that I got her help!! Stephanie developed a program for me to address energy, bloating, and to finally ditch the baby weight. The program she created taught me not only about good food, but also about optimal and tasty combinations. I never felt like I was on a diet, I still ate a variety of delicious meals (prepared in my own kitchen with regular items from my local grocery store). The program was not only good for me but for my whole family. With Steph's help I lost 20lbs and 3 pants sizes; I have more energy and no longer get that 4pm bloat. It’s been over a year and I've maintained my weight loss and continue to feel great while I follow the program; it’s really easy.”

 Emily, Age 30

“Being Stephanie’s first client 2 years ago, I am so excited to share my health and wellness journey with you. I have always been over weight, and not just a little! After my grandchildren started arriving, I knew it was time to take a hard look at my weight issues and eating patterns, or I won’t be around to play and watch them grow up. Making this lifestyle change would not only affect me by my husband too.  It took us 35 years together to get this way, so together we changed our old eating habits and encouraged each other to be more active. After only 4 months of following Steph’s plan, I dropped 48 lbs. and my husband dropped 20 lbs.! (He’s not as voluptuous as me!).

I will admit the first few weeks were an adjustment; I had to plan ahead, write things down, eat slower and think before I gobbled it down, all this while trying to avoid my other voluptuous friends with their temptations! But Steph’s daily guidance, motivation and support made it easy.  

It is amazing how good healthy food started to taste and how little the bad foods called out to you after a few weeks on the program. The personal one on one online support and encouragement I received from Steph made it impossible not to succeed. I’m not going to say that all of my old habits are gone completely, as I do love my chocolate and I am definitely still able to indulge in “the sweet things in life”, however, my life has changed.  I have learnt it’s not about giving up all the foods you like; it’s about learning to incorporate new healthy foods and finding the right balance.

 I am still a client with Stephanie and will continue to be. She is the best investment I have ever made and I would recommend her services and support to anyone!"

Terry (Steph’s Mom), Age 50

“My weight loss journey began 6 years ago when I tipped the scale at 178 lbs. With a combination of participating in both “TOPS” and “Weight Watchers” I was able to lose 43 lbs. and reach my goal of 135 lb. However over the last year I found that I was not eating as healthy as I should be and my activity level was slipping and as a result the number on the scale started to increase.

After reading about Stephanie's plan on her website and seeing the amazing results people were having I decided to contact her for more information. After discussing the plan with my husband we both decided to sign up and make this a lifestyle change for our family.

We absolutely loved working with Stephanie! She provided us with great menu suggestions and was available 24/7 to answer our questions about eating out at restaurants, grocery shopping and recipe ideas. This was a great experience, we did not feel deprived at all, in fact we both felt empowered and enjoyed eating many of the new things we were trying.

Thanks to Stephanie's knowledge and motivation, in one month I lost 10.8 lbs. and 7 inches, and my husband lost 13 lbs. and 6 inches. What's even better is that this really has been a lifestyle change for us and we have managed to maintain our weight loss for the last month on our own. We are recommending Stephanie's services to all our friends and family as this truly is the best way to loose weight and maintain your health and wellness.”

Belinda & Kyle, Age 30

“I have lost weight and developed much better eating habits since being guided by Steph. She has helped me through lunches and dinners out and has put me on the right track towards feeling better and doing better. I have lost a total of 29 pounds so far and feel I can continue to lose the weight I want and still enjoy the occasional treat. Thanks to Steph again…I couldn't have done this without her.”

Joanne, Age 61

“I would definitely recommend working with Stephanie for weight loss. The best thing was it wasn't a diet but a life style change. Steph was very knowledgeable, supportive and positive. I lost 25 lbs. and after a year, I am still down 22 but more important, I know what to do to get those few lbs. back off and I'm feeling great. Thank you Stephanie.”

Karen, Age 56

“When I had my third and likely my last child, I knew I wanted to lose my baby weight right away and permanently. I hoped that breast-feeding alone would do the trick but my weight just wasn't changing. So I contacted Steph. What a great decision!!! I was very aware of when I was "cheating" on my diet with dessert or potato chips etc. but there is nothing more frustrating that eating what I think is a good choice and finding out its not nearly as good as I thought.  ‎So Steph became my personal shopper. I would constantly send her pictures of the stuff I thought of buying from Costco and she would let me know if it was a good choice or not. I learned so much from my time with Steph and with her support I’m down 18lbs!! My entire family is benefiting from what I have learned from Steph and I’m so grateful to her! Thank you Steph!!”

Priscille, Age 33

“It's been a whole year since I started on my journey with Steph supporting me.  Sadly, because of my unhappiness with myself at my biggest weight I do not have any pictures to show my transformation. 

I started with Steph's support on Nov. 25/12 and weighed 166.4 lbs. I can honestly say I felt terrible!  I was tired, unmotivated, unhappy and really hated people seeing me this way.

Steph was and still is exactly who I need in my life.  She is so supportive and helpful at anytime of the day, night, week or weekend.  I did some silly things while working with Steph but she never made me feel badly about it, she simply reminded me that we still have to a have "a little bit" of fun.

Truthfully, I have yet to meet the goal I set with Steph but I am happy and will continue to work at it.  At my lowest to date I was 138.0 lbs. in June.  I am currently up 5 lbs. from that but Steph has given me all the tools I need and I hope to reach that goal by spring. I may even lean on my mentor again during that time, as she is my voice of reason at times!

Stephanie, thanks again for being the best early Christmas present I have ever given myself! You have taught me so much throughout this journey, both about myself and the path I need to stay on."

Shelley, Age 40

”Steph helped me in weight loss - she helped me understand nutrition and how to minimize the things I shouldn't be eating and how to enjoy the things I should be eating. She was very motivational...when I thought I just couldn't do it anymore...she picked me back up and put me back on track! She does amazing work, gives great advice and can help change your lifestyle and habits – what she offers is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Thanks Steph”

Rhonda, Age 24

“I was looking to make some changes with my eating habits and possibly lose 10lbs and had no idea where to start. I thought that I was already making decent choices. Steph was recommended to me thru a friend who had great results. I contacted Steph and she worked with me for a month, thru email and text.  She helped me to make better choices when grocery shopping, making meals and dining out. What foods to have and which ones to steer clear of. She was a constant source of help and encouragement. I not only lost the 10lbs but also just recently hit the 20lb mark and continue to stay on track.

I wish I had contacted her years ago!”

Anonymous, Age 45

“I first heard of Steph through a friend. I was interested and looked through the transformations and was pleased to see people I knew. I was uncertain at first but was willing to take the chance. I decided to sign up for the 4 week program and am so glad I did. I lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks. I learned so much in those 4 weeks. Before I started the program I didn't think I was making poor decisions but I soon realized how to make better choices. I was worried that the food plan would be too challenging or something I wouldn't be able to maintain but Steph made changes to my diet that suited my choices and lifestyle. I would recommend Steph to anybody trying to lose weight."

Anonymous,  Age 23

“I started working with Steph after my Dad had a heart attack and I knew it was time to change our eating and exercising habits to support him with his new lifestyle. I found the program very easy to follow and was happy to always have Steph an email away. She was full of encouragement and support the entire 12 weeks. I was able to lose 14 pounds with her program and get back into a regular exercising routine.

I let myself slip over the next summer. I knew that this year needed to be the year to get back on track and bring my 40's in with good healthy habits. I was able to get back on track on my own with Steph's program again. My husband and son have also followed the program with me and consider it our way of life now. Steph makes it so simple that there are no excuses. I have lost 11 pounds and am almost back to where I was with her. My energy level is so much higher and I have the energy to workout lots now.

Thanks Steph for showing my family a healthy lifestyle!”

Anonymous,  Age 39