Before & After's


Jamie,  Age 46

“I decided to contact Steph knowing that both of my sisters have worked with her and have had success.  For me it was purely a number thing.  Luckily being tall, I (believe) I hid my extra pounds well.  But when the scale said I was starting to near 220 I knew I needed to make a change.  I contacted Steph and decided that my wife and I would join her 10 week weight loss challenge.  I felt comfortable with the suggestions she made and knew having my wife doing it at the same time would help with the changes in eating habits.  I also have a very accommodating crew at work (as we cook and eat meals together) who were adaptive to the changes.  Steph was there every step of the way and easy to be in communication with about food choices no matter if I was grocery shopping or having to eat while out running errands or going out for dinner.  I was also able to stay on track while in Ohio for two weeks horse showing and living in a hotel.  I was already an active person but knew losing the weight would only help with competing jumping my horse but also playing recreation hockey.  The only exercise that I added was hot yoga but had already started that prior to signing on with Steph.  Steph is also very easy going in the fact that she understands we still have to live life so having a beer or two after hockey was no big deal.  That being said having to submit daily food logs to Steph definitely held you accountable for your choices.

My initial goal of 20 pounds over the 10 week seemed huge but in fact I was able to lose 27 lbs. and I am now 190 and right were I want to be and have easily been able to stay there since finishing 6 weeks ago.  As an added bonus I am happy to say I was the winner of the weight loss challenge.  I feel great and between the weight loss and yoga I am a better rider and feel better playing hockey.

If you are looking to make a change definitely reach out to Steph."

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Jake,  Age 37

“Working with Steph is one of the best things I have done to lose weight. I tried other gimmick diets before with no long-term success. After my fourth son was born and my wife recovering from a stroke I knew I needed to do something about my weight and overall health. My brother has success working with Steph a few years back. I picked his brain for a few months until I finally decided to contact Steph myself. It really helped set me on track. 

The daily logs kept my eating in check. Actually looking at what I was eating helped with portion control and knowing when I was eating and when I was not suppose to eat. Lol. 

With her daily nutritional and exercise support I have lost 60 lbs. in five months. If you’re serious about improving your over all health please do your self a favour and contact Steph.”


Holly, Age 31

“I had a great experience working with Steph. I reached my weight loss goal of 20 pounds during my 6 week program and continue to lose weight using Steph's advice.  So far I’m down a total of 30 pounds!

I got pregnant with my second without losing all the weight from my daughter so I wanted to get started right away. I lost all my baby weight and I'm finally able to fit into my regular clothes from 2 years ago! Steph made me accountable and mindful of what I was eating. I feel amazing and very impressed with my results! "

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Karen, Age 36

“Working with Thrive is the best and healthiest thing I have for myself to achieve weight loss.  I’ve tried numerous times in the past to lose a few pounds, but nothing has worked for me like her program does.  It’s very simple – if you are looking to lose weight, contact Steph!  You won’t regret it, and you’ll feel great.  She is so knowledgeable and encouraging to work with, it almost seems effortless (really!).  Don’t be worried that you’ll have to eat ‘weird’ stuff, or that you won’t be able to enjoy anything.  It’s all about real food.  When you have a question (for example, what to eat on a restaurant menu), she is never more than an email or text away to answer.  I am down 18 lbs. in 12 weeks, and it was worth every penny!”

Thanks Steph!!  


Carey - Age 41, mom of 2

"For my milestone 40th birthday year, I was expecting my second baby. During my pregnancy I didn’t have the mindset that I was eating for two but I was definitely giving myself some forgiveness when indulging in mint smoothies or anything chocolate. Knowing that as we age, and having a baby a bit later in life, it can be more challenging to keep ourselves on a road to health and wellness, I felt I should seek guidance in order to get on track once baby arrived.

With my two pregnancies I gained around 35 pounds, kept very active but again, my nutrition could have been better. I felt that I should try to get my nutrition under control so once baby arrived, I had a better foundation as to what to eat working around a newborn’s schedule. I contacted Steph and I was set up with a plan.

During my online time with Steph, I learned how to balance out my day in a much better way. If I was using trail mix as a “snack” to make sure it was a snack and not a meal. As well, if trail mix was on the menu to steer away from nut butters again that day as in the end, calories add up with those healthy fats. I experimented with different foods and recipes. Steph gave me a list of healthy snack options (which is what I needed once the baby arrived). She was also a text message away if I needed guidance. This was especially if we were on the road and stopping at Tim Horton’s etc. Steph was there to offer better suggestions.

At the end of my time with Steph, I lost around 10ish pounds and had about 10 more to go. However, I was 3 months post baby so my body definitely needed its own time to shed some weight on its own. I am now 1 year post baby, down a few pounds to what I was before baby, working out regularly, and for the most part, maintaining the healthful eating mindset. Steph was the kick-start that I needed!"


Erika, Age 36

"Stephanie was exactly what I needed! My "baby" was almost 3 years old and I hadn't lost some of the weight I had gained with him. I knew what I should have been eating/not eating but I lacked accountability. When I contacted Stephanie she was prompt and positive. She thoroughly assessed my eating habits and came up with a plan for me. 

Everyday she checked in with me, recognizing my good food choices and making recommendations on meals that I could tweak. Quickly, what felt like "work" (measuring portions, meal planning, food prepping), became habits. These good habits and routines have helped me to lose 18 lbs thanks to Stephanie. Want to have more energy? Want your clothes to fit better? Want to make better food choices? Want to feel proud of yourself? Message Stephanie!"

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Jim, Age 41

“My weight has fluctuated a lot throughout the years. In high school (and for the first week of university) I usually tipped the scales around 180 pounds. I didn’t feel like I could gain much weight. However, with university came making my own food more often, easier access to fast food, and partying. Along with that came (at least) an extra twenty pounds. I maxed out at 205 in second year (all of my friends did too, and I remember us taking pride in this!?!) and I don’t think I stepped on a scale for 15 years after that. I’m not sure why - I guess I just accepted the fact that university was a weight gaining experience, and that one day I would lose those extra pounds.

After university came work, marriage, and kids. All great things, but eating well and exercising took a back seat. Sure, there were times when I think I dipped down toward the 190 pound range, but they were few and far between. I was still eating and drinking with little regard for my health. Sure, I was running, and I ran a few half marathons and a full marathon in those years when my kids were under 10. However, I still wasn’t eating well, so everything just balanced out (a typical ‘Guy-et,’ so-to-speak). There was something missing. I didn’t have a scale either. I didn’t believe in them (and I’m still not a fan, but I’ll get back to that later). I always figured that how I felt was more important than the number on the scale, and I didn’t feel terrible when I was eating poorly and running, but I also didn’t know that I could have more balance between the two and feel even better.

When my wife joined up with Steph a few years ago, she was stepping on the scale with more regularity, and I started to as well, even though I wasn’t following her meal plan. This came with its own disappointments. I watched the fluctuations, and I often stepped on the scale at bad times (after weekends, after vacations, and after nights of partying and drinking too much). I topped out at 215 after an especially indulgent trip to Newfoundland, and once that stabilized, my new weight was now 205 and my body had settled into it. It wasn’t until I swallowed my pride and joined Steph’s program that I finally woke up. I never thought I would need a nutritionist or a nutrition coach. I’m not sure why. We didn’t eat poorly, but our weekends often ruined a week of good eating. We joined That Clean Life to build up our bank of recipes a few years back, and we ate well from Monday to Friday - but weekends would often go off the rails. However, Steph was the X-factor that bridged the gap between our mostly healthy diet and actual results.

Just sending off my daily food log to Steph kept me accountable. For the most part, our choices of meals from That Clean Life worked. Steph would tweak a few things here and ask us to lay off a few things there, just to fine tune our overall diet. She would also monitor my level of exercise, and gently encourage me to ‘get up and go’ for exercise of any intensity. In our family, we are eating our best when we plan a week in advance, and when we know what we are going to eat from day to day. Steph helped us keep that routine (which I crave), and keep our meal plans consistent so that we could avoid eating unhealthy foods as much as possible. She even gave us healthy eating options at fast food restaurants for our month long trip out west - these tips were very helpful, and they kept our weight gain on this trip to a minimum. Overall, her encouraging words and advice along the way made everything come together.

Of course my issue with weekends and less structured or routined times remained, and Steph was very understanding about this. This is life - weekends tend to take me off track, but Steph was there to get me ‘back on track’ and not let me get too down on myself when I had a bad day or two, or when the scale went the wrong way. Many of our e-mails back and forth focused on this - Steph talked me back from many of the defeating thoughts that would enter my mind after a slip up, and I will take her advice and counsel with me long after my time spent working with her. Steph continues to check in with me, even two weeks after our time was up, and I am greatly appreciative of this. She is so good at what she does.

I am now a trim 172 pounds, any my body is settling into this new number quite nicely. Since I was hovering in or around the 200-205 pound range when I started, it sounds really good to say that I have dropped 30 pounds with Steph’s assistance.

And back to the scale thing - I still don’t really believe in them, and I hate talking about numbers when it’s more important to talk about how I am feeling…but I need a concrete measure for my progress, and I will need that scale to continue my weekly weigh-ins and avoid future gains. I have always had what I call an ‘Uh-oh’ weight. Upon reaching my ‘Uh-oh’ weight, I have always said to myself that I need to buckle down and drop some pounds. At one time, my ‘Uh-oh’ weight was 200 pounds. I’m so happy and proud to say that it is now 175 pounds, and I don’t have any plans on going beyond that number.

Despite all of this, the bottom line is that I now feel great in more ways than one, and if that means I have to look at a scale every now and then as a ‘check-point,’ then so be it.

I can’t thank Steph enough for all that she has done for me. She has talked me through the food choices, the self-defeating thoughts, and the general ups and downs of this process. I hope I don’t have the need for her services again (no offence, Steph!), but if I do, I will not hesitate to re-join her. I also encourage anyone who needs to lose any amount of weight and feel 100 times better to join her and reap the benefits. Thanks so much, Steph!"

Steph M.

“Contacting is the best health related decision I have ever made.  I have struggled with my weight and my relationship with food for as long as I can remember.  Chocolate and sugar have been my best friends, and my worst enemies.  I have tried, and had short lived success with many well known programs out there but it never seemed to have the long term effect I needed.  

I knew I needed to do something but what? One day I noticed a Thrive Health & Wellness message. How would this be any different than the other programs I had tried?  I realized that I knew a number of people who had worked with Steph in the past, years ago, that had successfully maintained their weight loss and were living extremely healthy lifestyles. Maybe it was worth a shot!

Fast forward and here I am - a much healthier version of me and a much lighter version (50 lbs. + and counting)!  Steph is a fantastic person to work with.  She is always there to give support, answer any question and support you through problems.  What you must learn to do is ask, which isn’t always as easy as it may seem.  I think one of the main reasons for my success is because of Steph’s approach.  She will not give you a meal plan or a list of “dos and don’ts”.  She gets to know you and your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes.  Together you figure out a way to make small changes to adopt healthier practices into your existing lifestyle.  Continually building on these small changes add up to great success.  If/when you stumble along the way, Steph is there to dust you off and tell you that today is a new day, and not to dwell on your mistakes or the past.  She helps you figure out how to be healthy, in a way that's completely realistic and maintainable.  I highly recommend Steph!  I couldn’t have done this without her.”


Heidi, Age 67

“I have been struggling to lose weight for quite some time. I tried on my own, followed some tips, changed my grocery list to buy more healthy foods, left out snacks and sweets, but I still could not lose those pounds. Yes, I admit I have a sweet tooth for ice cream, cakes and cookies, especially around Christmas time. I could not say “No” to all those goodies. Another thing that really bothered me was having to buy bigger clothes, from a size 10 to XL or a size 16. Wearing a bathing suit made me feel uncomfortable also unless I was in my own backyard.

One day, when my husband very nicely hinted that I should try and loose a few pounds, it finally hit me. So one day in a restaurant, it was a birthday celebration, Stephanie was there to, she is a very good friend of my daughter, and I know she had a website about nutrition. I told her about me wanting to go on a diet. Steph said all you need is a lifestyle change and if I like she would help me.

I had no idea it would all happen over E-mail. I looked at the Thrive Health & Wellness website, read some of the client testimonials and made a decision to get in tough with Stephanie. Ever since then my life has changed. I joined for an 8 week program. Stephanie guided me through, reported every day on what my food intake was and it was all done over E-mail. I had to report what I ate, when I ate and of course how much I ate. Stephanie would then make suggestions on what to buy and what not to eat or aim for a healthier version.

For me it was very encouraging, educational and at the same time motivating. I learned a lot about food choices, healthy snacks and balanced meals. If I was not sure, she would always be there to give me advice or make a suggestion. Every Friday morning I would send my weight in and I could see the pounds coming off week by week. I started with 183.7 pounds and now after 8 weeks I am happy to say that I have lost 14.3 pounds.

I could not have done it without Stephanie. She goes out of her way to help you, she was always encouraging, even when I enjoyed a piece of cake; the only words that she always said was “Ok, back on track tomorrow”! There was never a negative sense or word. Steph would put it this way “You know, you have to live too and you can enjoy the things you like but all in moderation”!

So Stephanie I thank you so much for being there for me, for giving me the support and motivation in those 8 weeks.  I am still in touch with Stephanie, but I am continuing to lose a few more pounds on my own. I am happy to say that I am down 17.8 pounds total since starting with Stephanie mid March! She gave me the tools to make it happen and YES I will reach my goals!

If anyone out there needs help and support in losing some pounds, Stephanie is the one and I recommend her to anyone!”


Sara & Mark,

"When Steph approached me about an update I had to have her remind me how long it had actually been since working with her, it's been almost 4 years!  4 years sounds like a forever and yet the time has (like always) slipped away so quickly.  I look back upon the time since then and although a lot has changed a lot has stayed the same.  Although Steph and I no longer chat on a daily basis I have still randomly messaged her with a quick question here and there and she is always willing to help and/or offer support, and always with a positive message to keep one's motivation soaring upward.

Fast-forward 4 years...I have completed a half marathon with my next this coming May, Mark completed a half as well as a full marathon this past November and finished strong with an amazing time.  We both continue to run, and workout at the gym.  I love trying new weight programs and am currently trying to eat less wheat and sugar, which has given me more energy.

Steph's words are always in the back of mind and I have learned that everyone has to find a balance between loving themselves and doing what ever works for them, whatever that looks like.  It's not a race, it's a journey, an almost 4 year journey for me, and I never for a second doubt or regret my time with Steph.  I can't thank her enough."


Mary Jane, Age 52

Looking After Me Journey

“Every day was a struggle to get out of bed and function.  I had a lot of stress in my life that was starting to affect me physically and mentally.  I had a stressful job, which I love, supporting children with behaviour challenges, I was looking after a sick family member and I myself have Rheumatoid Arthritis which in itself challenges me on a daily basis.

I have never been one to give in or give up but I needed some help as my weight was climbing from stress eating and I knew that was not going to be good for my health. I had been on steroids for many years trying to control the disease and had gained 30 lbs. and it was on its way to 40.  I had tried many different ways to lose the weight.  It was as if my metabolism had been shut off as nothing was working to move the scale.  I knew that if I could take 10 lbs. off that would be 50 lbs. of pressure off my joints and hopefully assist with controlling the pain.

PicCollage (1).png


I saw a friend of mine had tried Thrive Health and Wellness and I decided that I needed to do this for me, so I made an investment. Wow!!  Thanks to Steph I feel better, have lost almost 20 lbs. and can manage all the stresses in my life much better.

Steph supported me daily and guided me to make better choices for food.  She provided me with the education I needed to gain back control of my body and provide it with the nourishment it needed to feel better.  The best part about Steph's guidance is that is all from the comfort of your home.  No visits, no appointments and takes really no time out of your day to make a difference.  Thank you Steph!"


Sean, Age 35

“Steph is a great teacher and friend.  Not only has she helped me learn about and assist me with my weight loss. Steph has also taught me easy and quick ways to prepare healthy and great meals. Portion sizes have always been an adversary of mine and Steph always does her best to give a chin up and keep at it attitude when I would submit my daily meal log, giving great suggestions on which ways to tweak meals to best benefit me. Which almost always ended up resulting in a weight loss for the week.

Knowing what is best for a diet is in my opinion one of Steph's greatest assets. And that is what helped me the most. Anyone who takes Steph's advice and encouragement seriously will definitely lose that weight!!!! I did and so can you!”

Sean is down 14 pounds and looking great!!


Glen, Age 43

“I have been a volunteer Fire Fighter for nearly 9 years and I was in the process of trying out for the Water Rescue team. I thought I was in ok shape and that I ate well, until one day I was running to the fire hall for a call and I had to stop and catch my breath before putting my bunker gear on. I knew then that I needed to get into better shape.

 I was very hesitant to call Steph and ask for help, because I figured there wouldn’t be any support or that I would be made to feel inadequate. I am a purchasing manager for a very large company and sit at a desk most of the day, so physical activity was Nil.  Steph took the time to find out who I was, what my eating habits were, and what my goals were. She then helped design a menu around my likes and dislikes that was easy as I have a very busy schedule (life, kids, sports). We then designed a workout routine in order to meet my goals that would fit into my very busy life.

Steph is great at giving you encouragement when you need it and the “how did you enjoy that” when you strayed away from your plan and she would encourage me to stay on track.  It helped having to be accountable to someone for everything I ate. If I had any questions Steph was available and would have the answer or find out the answer for me very quickly. Even when we were finished with our sessions, Steph would send a text to find out how things were going. I have learned how to shop, meal plan for the week as well as eat balanced meals, and snacks to provide my body with what it needs to live a healthy life. 

I now currently go to the gym everyday for between 2 – 2.5hrs working on everything from weight training, cardio, and flexibility. My family (wife, kids) have even started to join me with the healthy eating and the gym.  I would highly recommend Steph if you’re looking to learn healthy eating, get back in shape, or if you just need someone to help motivate you.

I have lost over 30lbs and I feel great! Thanks Steph!!!”

Chris, Age 35

My journey through fitness and health has literally been all over the map. I walked into dynafit as a short, fat, 14-year-old high school student, with no idea of what I wanted to accomplish, nor how to get there, and only knowing I didn’t want to look the way I looked any longer. What I didn’t know was how it would turn into a trek that some say defines me.

Fast forward over twenty years and a lot has been accomplished. From running three ultramarathons, performing two strongman events, and now a habitual yogi and general health buff, my journey has been truly remarkable. 

My activity based, fundraising efforts for charity, have been very well documented and have come with a lot of anxiety leading up to the events, and incredible small town recognition following their completion. When the dust settled after our latest charity event, carrying the back end of a car through our local Paddyfest parade, I knew it was time to get back to training FOR ME!

As a gym owner, you need to look the part. I have always had more energy then everyone else I know, but I never necessarily looked like most people expect a gym owner “should”. So, I decided it was time to lean out, and I enlisted the help from Steph of thrive Health & Wellness, and the results speak for themselves. I am the leanest and lightest I have been in my adult life. With Steph’s knowledge, guidance, and amazing tasting meal plans, along with strength coaching from Marc St Pierre of Goals Training, yoga instruction from Tam Hamilton & Charlene Hodson, pre-made meals from Life’s A Party, co-workers who support me, and lastly, a mindset that you should never stop trying to learn and improve, I am the happiest I have ever been! Not because of how I look however, but because I still have more energy then everyone else I know, I am thinking clearly, sleeping well, crushing business, giving back to my community, and most importantly, I feel I am setting a good example for my God daughter to look up to.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along my journey. dynafit, the coaches listed above, my family, friends, strangers along the side of the road, and all the doubters who have come along and have since shut up.


Tara, Age 43

“My eating habits have never been good. But it never bothered me.

In fact, for a long time I was one of those annoying people who could eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, without gaining any weight…and being six feet tall, even if I did, I figured no one would ever notice. So I never worried about my weight. I never owned a scale, and was only ever weighed at the doctor's office when I had a physical. My weight wouldn't fluctuate even a pound in one year.

But it wasn't really my weight that brought me to Stephanie Metzger; it was my health. I have always felt low energy, particularly in the morning. There were times when I would be driving the short ten minutes to work and I'd have to wonder if I would make it without pulling over for a nap. I felt bloated and had a variety of minor digestive issues over the years. I'd have mystery aches and pains and irritations that my doctor couldn't really explain. On top of all that, I have a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family. My Dad had his first of three heart attacks at 46…I will be 44 this month. It was, quite simply, time.

I met Stephanie at a wellness retreat that I signed up for only because I knew my Mom would like it. It included a half hour nutritional consult with Stephanie, from Thrive Health and Wellness. Before the half hour was up, I was confident Stephanie could help me. She offered practical suggestions and alternatives for things I enjoyed eating that were causing me problems. She was enthusiastic about her lifestyle and her enthusiasm made me believe I could change.

I bought a scale for the first time and realized I was 12 pounds heavier than what I considered to be my "normal" weight…which was probably already 10 pounds more than it should be. Stephanie taught me to really think about food; a concept, which completely flummoxed me at times. It's second nature to me now that I've had Stephanie's guidance for the last 8 weeks.

After a week of mindful eating, I noticed that the bloating was gone. Soon, I realized I'm no longer exhausted at 10am or even 2pm! Eventually I noticed the scale start to reflect my new lifestyle. To date I have dropped 20 lbs. I feel more energized and confident, and I no longer mindlessly grab two donuts in one day off the staffroom table, or devour an entire bag of chips in front of the TV. Foods I thought I couldn't do without no longer find their way into my pantry, and I'm trying new foods all the time. Stephanie was always just a text away to offer support and solutions.

If you're thinking about changing your relationship with food, stop thinking and call Stephanie today. Anyone who has ever met me will tell you that if I can do it, anyone can!”


Laurie, Age 43

“I started my journey with Steph in August 2016. I had tried losing weight on my own and using different programs with minimal success. I wasn't sure this program would work, after all nothing else had. I decided to try it anyways and learned right away just how different it is from all the others. Steph is right there beside you every step of the way. Accountability is what makes working with Steph different from the others. There were so many times I wanted to eat something I really shouldn't have and the thought of having to put it in my daily log was enough for me to walk away. There were times that I did eat the piece of cake anyways and Steph would reply with a gentle "I'm glad you enjoyed, let's get back on track today". 

Steph is always available and replies to questions quickly. She will look up menus of the restaurant you are at and give excellent suggestions.  Steph will share recipes and review any you send to her and give suggestions to make it a better option.  When you are frustrated she will encourage you to keep going and help you get where you want to be.  Steph helped me realize the number on the scale isn’t the only indicator of success, being down 3 sizes feels really good! Activity also plays a role and with Steph's encouragement I have gone from someone who could barely run for 2 minutes on the treadmill to easily running for 30! 

 If you're considering Thrive Health and Wellness don't wait any longer, you won't regret it. Steph is amazing to work with, I have lost more weight since August than I ever have, my journey isn’t over yet and with the support and tools I've received I know that I will reach my goal.”


Brigid, Age 34

"I want to start off by saying there is no magic pill, protein shake, or workout regime that is going to give you any long-term results. The most crucial part of taking the weight off is diet. You have probably heard that before, so let me say it again - DIET IS KEY. I have been on so many diets in my life from no/low-carb, to having meals delivered to my door. Of course they are strict and if you stick to them they all work, but they’re very hard to sustain. Steph’s plan is nothing like any of these. It literally is a lifestyle. I realized that because I have been yo-yoing all my life and have allowed myself to gain and lose massive amounts of weight, I have to be careful with what I eat most of the time. I have to think about what goes into my body and I have to exercise regularly to reach my goals and just as importantly, maintain the lifestyle when I do. The best part is that I didn’t even have to give up pizza or chocolate!! If you’ve ever been referred to a traditional nutritionist, you were probably handed a Canadian Food Guide and sent on your way. Steph doesn’t work that way. She is there for you every step of the way.

After having my baby, I was having an extremely hard time focusing on losing the pregnancy weight. I started looking at pre pregnancy photos and getting sad that I didn’t look the way I used to. Steph knew I was frustrated and immediately took me under her wing. She helps me tweak my eating habits to more nutritious options. I don’t have to count calories and there’s virtually no measuring. She motivates me every day to keep going. Her advice on the foods I should and shouldn’t be consuming is very helpful and I’m learning so much about food as I go. I was painfully surprised how horrible my diet was when I started recording what I consume and was given a dose of reality.

I have been on this journey since January, but allowing school and life in general get in the way, I wasn’t always sticking to my plan. Because I’m going at my own pace, I have been consistently losing or maintaining, so I know the weight that has come off is going to stay off. I have lost 23 lbs. and approximately 18”. These are permanent results! I am extremely happy with the way Steph has guided me and inspired me. Losing weight is a process and a learning curve. There’s no quick fix that lasts. This is something that if you really want it, you have to work at it and focus. I’m still on my weight loss journey and I know that I will reach my goals. I also know that Steph will be here to help me every step of    the way :) I can promise you this…you won’t be disappointed if you work with Steph!”


Loretta, Age 54

"In July 2016 after a year of being on a weight loss plateau, my trainer at Dynafit recommended I try working with Steph at Thrive Health and Wellness. The timing was perfect. I was at my wits' end trying to figure out what else to adjust in my diet. Steph met with me to discuss my concerns with an online nutrition program and to get an idea of what my goals were, my likes, dislikes and nutritional knowledge. Steph provided me comprehensive questionnaire and asked me to commit to daily food logs, weekly weigh-ins and general communication. When Steph reviewed the questionnaire, she provided me a starting point and from that point to the last day of the program she would either provide on the spot recommendations, encouragement for good choices or suggestions about what to try in the future. When I hit a wall during the program and my weight didn't move, she recommended some minor adjustments and her insight paid off. 

As a person over the age of 50, with some chronic injuries to work around boosting my activities at the gym is not an easy alternative. Steph respected, understood and worked with me and my physical and metabolic realities. Steph helped me re-evaluate some long held beliefs about some foods and gave me a lot of cooking tips and recipes to work with so I can continue the plan into the future. I know that if I get stuck on another plateau I can reach out to Steph and we can do another session and she will always be there to answer any questions.

I am committed to a stable healthy weight. I have yo-yo dieted in the past and the hardest thing ever was to acknowledge that past and decide that I am not a yo-yo and to take ownership and get the expert help I needed to move ahead with my weight loss plan. In the 12 weeks that I worked with Steph, I lost a total of 12 pounds and 6 inches! Although the number on the scale doesn’t reflect a big weight loss, my body has completely changed and I feel fantastic!”


Tash, Age 38


"So for the longest time I was feeling ugh about myself. I thought that I was eating relatively healthy & I'm constantly active with what I do for a living. So I was stuck in this mindset that since I am so active, I could snack on chips & licorice whenever I wanted to because I would just burn it off later. Um, no. Wrong mindset. My clothes were starting to fit snuggly & I was starting to lack in energy. Just felt blah. I talked to a good friend of mine & she recommended that I contact Steph. So I did. And she is amazing! It's only been 5 weeks & I feel so good... different... energized... happy! Fitting into clothes that I haven't been able to wear in almost 2 years!! Steph helped to tweak my eating habits... taught me portion control... and most of all taught me that it's ok to treat yourself... live your life... in moderation. She has talked me off the junk food ledge a few times! She is always available when I need her. Thanks for giving me my life back Steph!” 


"So, I have been trying to lose 10 lbs. for the longest time! Eating relatively healthy, I'm constantly moving in my job, and at home I'm chasing the dog or my boy... cutting the lawn... I don't sit still often... but the weight just wouldn't go & I was actually gaining. Oi. So frustrating. The harder I tried & obsessed about it, the worse it got. Until I was at my highest weight ever…and feeling awful. No energy. Not happy. I remember eating a bag of chips one day for lunch, seriously…the whole thing. I had hit rock bottom. I started researching these different weight loss programs & knowing flat out, that it would just be a temporary fix. Then I came across testimonials from people that I knew, who had worked with Steph. It was 10pm on a Sunday night & I thought now or never, I needed to do something. So I emailed Steph & immediately heard back from her. She assessed me & started working on a plan right away. It was crazy. Just like that. Here we go. It's been 11 weeks & I have dropped 4 pant sizes & have lost 16 pounds. And it was all about what I was eating & my portions... and water! I was neglectful in my water intake for sure!! There were days where I'm sure I was only drinking 4-5 cups a day... not good! Now I'm drinking 10-12 cups. I feel ah-mazing! Energized. Happy. Steph was always there when I needed her... questions about last minute dinner plans; she would research the menu & let me know my options. Or grabbing groceries & wanting to try new things, Steph would message me back right away. Right from day 1, she referred to this as a lifestyle change not a diet. And that's exactly what it is. It almost feels like starting over with food... like when you're a kid and you try new things. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut eating things that aren't so great for you but you do it because life is busy & that just works for you. But you deserve better. You deserve to feel good & be happy. If you're sick & tired of feeling meh, I highly recommend contacting Steph... It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.”


Tailor, Age 20

“On May 9th, 2016 I began my lifestyle change. After finishing my freshman year at UOIT, which included me playing for the women's hockey team, I decided to change my lifestyle for the betterment of my body & overall health. As a result, I decided to work a nutritionist & lifestyle coach. This person would be Steph Metzger, the owner of Thrive Health & Wellness. At my heaviest weight I was 174 pounds. I was constantly eating fried foods, larger portions than necessary & other unhealthy foods while living in dorms. 

Once I was home, I started by telling Steph many details about myself & eating habits, which included what I would eat and wouldn't eat. Steph worked around this and gave me great suggestions. She helped me select foods that were healthier choices when grocery shopping or when eating at a restaurant. 

With the healthier food choices and the workouts assigned to me by the team’s trainer, the weight started to come off. I ended the summer at a weight of 152 pounds. Overall, my body feels better and I have a noticed improvements on the ice & off at teamwork outs. 

Steph was always very involved, supportive & helpful. She really did keep me motivated to continue with my program and has helped me change myself for the better. I strongly encourage any person wanting to make a lifestyle change to contact Steph, especially students that have to eat from a meal plan. Steph can help you to make better choices before the selections affect you like they did me."


Kevin, Age 30

“I always thought I was eating fairy healthy, but with Steph's help she showed me some easy tweaks and changes that really brought my weight loss goals closer to reality. I was able to take meals that I already enjoyed and tweak them to be something that was now a healthy version for both me and my family. 

I always believed if I went to the gym I didn't need to worry about eating, however this program showed me how important the nutrition side is. I have had several failed tries at going to the gym, and I have finally put both fitness and nutrition together.  I have lost over 20 pounds and feel much better with a lot more energy. 

Thank you to Steph for making this so easy and showing me how not to make this a diet, but a true lifestyle change.” 


Matt & Alisia, Age 32 & 34

“Thank you to Steph for teaching us a better way to eat, life and thrive! Your daily support and encouragement, even after we completed the program is what makes your program so successful. We look and feel better now than we ever have.” 

“I have successfully dropped below the 170 mark thanks to Steph and I have lost a total of 25 pounds in the three months that we have worked together. More importantly than the number, I feel better mentally and this helps me with my day-to-day stress. It’s amazing how much easier the program gets the longer I stick with it.  I have been called a “Neanderthal” before so it’s only fitting that eating like one fits me so well!  If you can’t trace a food back to its origin, don’t eat it.  Thanks again for all your help and support.  Alisia and I really appreciate it.” 


Vanessa, Age 30

“Over the last few years I had let a lot of my health and wellness priorities slip. After turning 30 in November and quitting smoking (again) in December I realized that enough was enough. I had constant upset stomachs, low energy and didn't enjoy going to the gym on the rare occasion that I did anymore. I went to Steph in February to start on a 6 week program to get things back on track. Just even the initial assessment with Steph got the wheels turning.  Steph looked at every aspect of my diet, daily routine and general health then gave many detailed suggestions and feedback as well as helped set some realistic goals.

The first couple weeks were difficult for sure, but Steph's expert advice and constant encouragement definitely pushed me through them. I started seeing the pounds come off right away but more importantly I started to feel and sleep so much better after just a couple weeks. Steph's daily contact was such a great motivator to make healthy choices and a reminder of why I chose to make this lifestyle change to begin with. With Steph's help I was able to find the foods that really triggered my upset stomachs and find ways to replace the cravings for those foods with healthy options with no adverse effects.

With all that energy back I was able to get back into a regular gym routine. For the first time in a very long time I am going consistently 5 or 6 times a week, building confidence, pushing limits and loving it.

Thank you so much Steph! I am excited to continue shattering new goals and making more progress. This is only the beginning!

I would definitely encourage anyone thinking about working with Steph to do so!”


Everett, Age 54

“I came to Stephanie 8 weeks ago, skeptical that nutrition would be the difference in weight loss for me. As a sales rep on the road, driving a vehicle all day and taking clients out for lunches and dinners, I had gained a substantial amount of weight. With the guidance of Stephanie on nutrition and through exercise, I have lost 20 lbs. in 8 weeks. I have developed better eating habits and feel great about myself. She even helped my wife and me choosing the proper foods in a grocery store one afternoon. That kind of service and personal touch is what makes Stephanie’s approach so special. She gives you the confidence and the ability to believe in yourself by changing your eating habits and food choices. This knowledge on nutrition that I have gained from Stephanie will help me the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend Stephanie for a lifestyle change.”


Kahley, Age 32

“I'm thrilled with my results, though small for some - they are big for me!  I've carried 3 kiddos, and I'm smaller now than before I had kids! My weight/fitness has been up and down a lot over the past 8 childbearing years, but generally when I set my mind to losing weight I was successful. However it would never stay off. Over the past 2 years I really have been unable to stick to anything. Whether that be an exercise routine, or clean eating habits. My body liked to sit happily at a certain weight that's about 5-10lbs more than where I wanted it to be - and those of you that are close to your goal know how hard it gets to reach those last few pounds! I knew I needed some help in the form of direction & accountability. Enter Steph!

We began the 6 week nutrition program with me simply sending food logs to Steph every day, and her critiquing them. So using the foods my family and me were already eating - and tweaking them into a balanced meal. No bun here, add protein there, skip that, add this. I did not want a strict meal plan, guidelines or recipes - I needed it to be easy and that was not a problem at all for Steph.  The plan was to lose the unwanted weight (I'm almost at my goal!), and now I'm moving onto toning and maintaining! In the end I lost 5lbs in 6 weeks, which is a big deal for me!

I was never hungry (aside from busting some cheese & chocolate cravings in the first week!), I have more energy, my clothes fit me better, and I feel great. All from nutrition!  I know how to create a truly balanced meal, and I learned a boat load about portion control (read the serving size on the side of the box whaaaa?!). Right from the beginning exercise was optional and I'm not going to lie... I didn't exercise much! They say it's 90% food, 10% exercise right? This just goes to show that's a VERY true statement!  Thrilled with my results, and planning to keep chugging right along! Thanks Steph!


Jehn, Age 33


"I've always though that I was living a "somewhat" healthy lifestyle as I regularly workout and watch what I eat.   My weight has forever been a roller coaster.  Lose 5 pounds, gain 6, lose 4, etc.  Steph taught me that even when you think you are making healthy choices, they might actually be hindering your weigh-loss goals.  Portion control and frequency is a major part of the equation.  In the grand scheme of things I never felt hungry or had cravings like I once did, as I was eating the proper food to fuel and satisfy my body.  I actually ate more and lost weight and inches!!  Steph held me accountable and was my voice of reasoning at times when I felt that I had failed myself in making the right choices...’OK, so you ate ice cream, enjoyed it :)...tomorrow is a new day to get back on track...keep focused on your short and long-term goals.’ Over the 8 weeks that we worked together I have lost a total of 17 inches and 16 pounds!

Thank you Steph for your guidance and wisdom but for of all for helping my find this abundance of energy :) Forever grateful!”


Amber, Age 23

"I heard about Stephanie’s program through a friend, and from seeing her amazing results I decided I’d give it a try. I had been going to the gym, and always thought that I was eating decent, but never seemed to lose weight. Once starting with Steph I learned the right things to eat, when to eat, as well as what to do to work out. I did Steph’s program for 2 months, and lost a total of 30 pounds. The part that I loved that most was being able to contact Steph 24/7, about anything! She was extremely motivational, and I feel like she thoroughly got to know me throughout the program.

I highly recommend Steph and this program to anyone interested. It was a great learning experience and I feel a lot better about myself inside, and out."


Amy, Age 25

“Contacting Steph was the best decision I ever made! I knew I was an unhealthy eater and wasn't getting the physical exercise I should have been getting. I was stuck in a routine and had a handful of bad habits, and I was not feeling good at all - both physically and mentally. I knew it was time for a change. Steph provided me with a meal and exercise plan that fit my needs completely. She was encouraging and understanding, even when I had my weak moments, and was always there for some motivation and any questions I had. With her help, she taught me a completely new side to nutrition and fitness. After three months of her program, I lost an amazing 30 lbs., and felt amazing - both physically and mentally. For anyone who is thinking about contacting her, I have some advice - do not hesitate! You will not regret it. I can't wait to work with her again ;)”




Becky, Age 19

"I first heard of Stephanie on Facebook through a friend who told me to look at the client transformations. I was very impressed especially when I saw it was people I know. I thought I would give it a try and emailed Steph. I quickly realized what I was then eating wasn’t very close to what I should be eating. Steph guided me through the changes I needed to make on my diet and although difficult these changes slowly became routine. I was impressed how the weight started coming off. Steph was there the entire time and when I stalled for a week or needed help with something she was always there to motivate me and keep me going. I lost a total of 23 pounds with Steph :)

I would recommend Steph to anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle change.

Thanks Steph!"


Emily, Age 27

“All my life I had a thin frame and could eat pretty much whatever I wanted until my second year of university. With all the fun times, drinks and late night eating I started to slowly put on weight until I had gained 30 lbs. by the time I was done university. I tried a few different diets, and bought a couple gym memberships but nothing seemed to give me lasting results. At 26 I became pregnant with my first child and gained 45 lbs. I knew after the pregnancy I needed to do something drastic to feel healthier and better about myself. I wanted to be able to run around and play with my daughter with ease, not an exhaustive effort.

A couple of my friends had referred me to Stephanie and when my daughter Ella was one month I decided to contact her. This was the best decision I have ever made for my health. All of the changes that Stephanie made to my diet were all "common sense" but what made it work for me was knowing she would be holding me accountable for everything I was putting in my mouth. Once I started writing down everything I was eating/drinking and I knew I had to send it to her at the end of the day to critique... I became conscious of the bad choices I was making. When I did slip, Stephanie was always supportive and encouraging.

Since giving birth to my daughter, I have lost a total of 58 pounds! I still have 20 lbs. to go until I reach my weight loss goal, but I have the tools to get there thanks to this amazing program. I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a lifestyle change; not a quick fix but lasting amazing results for the rest of your life!”


Heather, Age 52

“Since I quit smoking 15 years ago, I had gained over 50 lbs., had little energy after putting in a full day’s work and realized if I don’t change my current lifestyle, I was putting myself at risk for heart disease and possibly other health problems.  I was also at the point where I was going to have to shop for clothes another size up – yikes!  

My daughter recommended Steph so I went online to see and read all the wonderful transformation stories.  I know first hand that as you age, it is so much harder to keep the weight off.  I was lucky in my younger years that I never had a weight problem but since I turned 35, I have gained approx. 3.5 lbs. every year – doesn’t seem like much but multiply that by 17. 

After 12 weeks with Steph and 22 lbs. lighter, I feel so much better; increased energy, improved health and down 2 dress sizes.  Steph’s experience and advice were invaluable. She helped me celebrate my successes and kept me focused on my goal. She didn’t let me beat myself up when I had a slip up and having the daily contact by email was so convenient as I lead a busy life.

Steph’s program taught me how to choose the right foods, understand proper portions and food combinations and realize we need enough nutrients and calories to keep our metabolism up!   I have not skipped breakfast since I started Steph’s program and especially enjoy the “Banana Pancakes”.  Steph also gave great advice about choosing foods when eating out and adding exercise into my busy lifestyle.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the last 12 weeks losing a part of me so I could gain a better understanding that eating properly can be enjoyable and fulfilling.  The bonus is hearing your family and friends say “You look great”, and I owe all of these positive changes to Steph.  

My goal is to lose a total of 50 lbs. I'm planning on continuing this lifestyle and hopefully in another 12 weeks I will have reached my goal!

Thank you Steph for your support and positive energy and for helping me on this journey."


Heather, Age 37

“I started working with Steph at Thrive Health and Wellness in March of 2014. I have struggled with weight all my life. I became an emotional eater. I don’t have the excuse of having a baby that I gained weight, mine was completely the opposite. I gained weight with infertility treatments, the stress of them not working, eating out because I didn’t feel like cooking or was travelling to London or Toronto for appointments. In 2007 I had a hysterectomy and over the next 5 years gained over 45 pounds. I joined a gym and lost 20 lbs. but very quickly gained it back. I got frustrated and stopped going to the gym I remember stopping in one day to talk to a friend and saw something written on the board it read "Weight loss starts in the kitchen getting fit starts in the gym".

I knew my problem was what I was eating I drank pop like people drink coffee, snacked on whatever was convenient not really thinking about what I was putting in my mouth. I saw a friend of mine’s testimony of working with Steph and decided to contact her. Steph has been such a great teacher, support and friend. She taught me what foods work good together, gave me great ideas for meals LOVE LOVE LOVE Steph’s famous banana pancakes! She taught me about healthy fats and has encouraged me to try new foods, which are now some of my favourite things to eat. Even though my daily emails with Steph have stopped, I am still headed in the right direction and I know she is always there if I have a question. I have lost 33 lbs. and 20 inches in the 3 months I worked with Steph. I have a long
way to go to reach my goal but now I can actually see it is reachable. I am excited to see where I will be in another 3 months. Thanks Steph!"


Jana, Age 37

“I have struggled with my weight since I went off to university.  After university I managed to get my weight back down a little bit at the time of my wedding.  Since then I have had two children and have never been happy with how I felt.  I felt like I could eat a healthy diet 5 days a week and then follow that up with a weekend of eating and drinking unhealthy things.  I just couldn’t lose the weight. 

I had seen a couple people, (who I know on Facebook), who had success in losing weight with Steph’s assistance.  I had her name at the back of my mind for a while.  This past summer I made the decision that I needed to get myself healthy.  With two busy girls, I struggle to find the time to exercise consistently, so I decided that I had to take control of my eating habits. 

I started working with Steph on Labour Day.  In the two months that I communicated with her daily, I lost 20 pounds!  Since then, I have lost another 8 pounds, and I hope to continue. 

Steph showed me how to tweak my menu plans to best optimize the weight loss.  I ate healthy foods, but I just needed to pair them differently and watch the amounts of each food group I ate daily.  I was amazed at how good I felt in those two months…I wasn’t tired and didn’t get sick at all.  As soon as I wavered a bit from my meal plan (while on vacation), I got a cold.

I highly recommend Steph.  She was available 24/7 to answer questions, keep me on track, and to be encouraging.  I have never felt better, and it is all thanks to Steph’s guidance and coaching.  Thanks so much, Steph!”


Katherine, Age 22

“During High school I was always of a smaller frame and never really concentrated on what I ate as it never affected my body especially since I was very active, until I went to university. Living in residence and relying on cafeteria quickly took a toll on me and I did not have as much time or space to workout for fun like I used to. Second year did not bring much progress in my mission to get back to my high school weight and it seemed like the harder I tried, the less results I saw and the more frustrated I became. I had looked into a few diets and I could never stay on track with them or would get discouraged when I didn't see results right away. 

That's when I came across Steph and her program this past year. I was very hesitant at first, as to how this would be any different than all of the other methods I tried, but after talking to her I decided now was the time to be proactive. Steph is amazing to say the least, her daily check-ins held me accountable for what I was eating and the choices I made and with daily food logs I quickly became conscious of what I was eating and putting into my body. With a very busy school schedule I barely had time to workout yet I still managed to lose 20 lbs. within only a few weeks of working with Steph. She has also given me the support and tools I need to continue to my total weight loss goal and maintain it.

It was definitely not an easy journey, but Steph provides constant support and contact whenever I was heading to a restaurant or spur of the moment grocery shopping. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to have a healthier life and a fresh start to their life, as Steph will definitely help you on your journey!  Thanks Again Steph!"


Kim, Age 41

“This past March I decided I needed some help losing weight, but I wasn't sure where to start. For the first time in my life I felt gross. My clothes weren't fitting, I wanted to hide myself under oversized clothes and I simply felt ashamed of the way I looked. I had no idea how much weight I had gained (because I didn't own a scale) but I knew I didn’t feel good. In all honesty I was afraid too know my weight, but I found myself consumed with thoughts of losing it. I knew didn't want another gym membership, or another weight loss book too read… I needed something better. Something that would really work.

I kept thinking back to some conversations I had with some friends of mine who had shared their weight loss experiences with me and there was always one thing these conversations had in common. A girl named ‘Stephanie Metzger'.

They raved about her. They talked about her ‘easy too follow' individualized program, her constant availability, her continuous support and the success they were having. I watched their transformations and knew they were doing something right. All of them had previously tried every trick in the book, but still found themselves unhappy with the results. My gut told me I needed to contact this Stephanie girl but there was only one problem. I live in Edmonton…5000 kms away from her… but I decided to contact her anyway too see what she had to say.

I contacted Steph in early March 2013 and my first question was "can you help me even though we live so far from each other?" Too my surprise, she replied with a very confident "I sure can" and we immediately started the process. She initially sent me an assessment to fill out with my goals, typical food intake and so on. It was super easy to do.

The next step was buying that dreaded scale. Steph needed an accurate weight, so I bit the bullet and bought one. Once I finally stepped on the scale, I couldn’t believe it. I weighed 149lbs. I felt sick too my stomach for letting this happen. I was in my forties now, 20lbs overweight and continuing to gain. I new I needed to make some serious changes too my diet to stop this from getting worse.

Once we got started, Steph asked me to start documenting my exercise and daily food intake and sending it too her. Every day she would send me suggestions and ‘tweak' the food I was eating. It amazed me how many calories I was consuming without even realizing it but much to my surprise the changes I needed to make were not complicated. Everyday she would send me ideas and suggestions that were made for ME... I never felt generic or part of a strict diet plan that was made for several people. I felt like I was the only client she had. When I had a question, it was answered quickly. If I were going to a restaurant, she would research the menu and give me some healthy choices so I knew what too order. When I was standing in the grocery store unsure of what to buy, she was on the other end of my phone with the answers. She was always there for me.

Today, I weigh 133lbs and the weight is still coming off. I am more than happy with my current weight and most importantly I feel better then I EVER have. I can't thank Steph enough for educating me and frankly changing my life. I know that sounds cliché, but its true. Steph is one of those people who is truly passionate about what she does and you can tell she loves sharing her passion with others. More importantly she is kind, dedicated, understanding and genuinely cares about your success.

I can’t say thank you enough to Steph. She is a gem and someone I now call a mentor and a friend. You are truly an inspiration Steph :)”


Kim, Age 23

“Contacting Steph was one of the best things I’ve ever done!  She made everything very easy and was willing to work through my schedule and eating habits to make a plan for what suited me and my lifestyle.  Steph taught me how the make the needed changes in my eating habits to not only lose weight, but give me more energy, and also how to choose wisely while eating out.  I lost a total of 25lbs while consulting with Steph for 3 months, and don’t regret one bit of it! I even did it over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, 3 of the biggest holidays for eating in my opinion, and not one week went by without losing some weight.  Steph was always supportive of me, even when I fell off the wagon to temptations, and she was very quick to answer any questions I had, whether it was a simple yes or no question or helping me pick out healthy options at specific restaurants.  I have continued to lose weight since consulting Steph and am putting the knowledge I learn from her to use every day!”


Lyndy, Age 28

“I would consider myself to be a fairly active person and have played a lot of sports my whole life. Over the years I have put on a few pounds slowly without even realizing it. I’ve always wanted to lose the weight and although I felt I ate fairly healthy and tried to exercise, I was never able to and continued to slowly gain. After looking through the transformations on Steph’s website I decided it was finally time to stop thinking about it and actually do it. Steph helped me with proper portions and what types of food fill you up and boost your metabolism. I work shift work and Steph was able to help me with my day and night shifts to make smart food choices and gave me daily feedback. One of my favourite things about working with Steph was how easy it was to work into my daily schedule. I was always able to get in contact with Steph through either text or email. I did not have to go to weekly meetings; I could do everything right from my house on my schedule. With the knowledge I learned from Steph I was able to continue losing weight on my own and have lost a total of 36lbs and 24 inches.”


Michelle, Age 29

“I started my lifestyle change in January 2010.  I had three small children ages 3, 2, and 1.  From the time my children were born I had taken no time for myself. Summer was coming and all I could think about was that my children were going to love the beach this year.  I however was uncomfortable with just the thought of sitting on the beach.  I knew it was time to make a change.  

I was 180 lbs. and had not exercised in years. I set up shop in my kid’s toy room and took one hour a day just for me.  I exercised when it worked for me and my family.  Either during naptime, in the evening when my kids were sleeping or while my kids were playing.  It was difficult at first but it soon became part of the daily routine for me and my kids.  I started by cleaning up my eating habits and walking on the treadmill.  In no time my walk turned into a run, I purchased a kickboxing bag and was lifting some weights.  That fall I had even signed up for a 5km race.

I was 150 lbs. and feeling great, but knew I wanted more and didn’t know how to get there.  I knew I needed to be better educated in living a healthy lifestyle. That is when I hooked up with Stephanie. Stephanie gave me the education I needed to help me reach my goals and maintain them. With Stephanie’s knowledge and my determination we were unstoppable. With her constant support and knowledge the goals we had determined together were becoming a reality. 

I currently am lifting weights, running and am eating a clean healthy diet. I have reached my goal of maintaining a healthy weight between 130 – 135 lbs.  I have muscles and love the way I look and feel. With Stephanie’s help I have gotten more than just my life back.  I am happier, healthier, more determined and can enjoy all activities with my family.

I have one more goal.  A six-pack.  Unreachable?  Never."


Morgan, Age 23

“I originally heard about Steph through a close friend who had achieved amazing results, a few years later I was unhappy with my weight and my clothes were feeling tighter. I had tried to lose weight on my own but nothing was working, so I decided to reach out to Steph and it's been the best decision I have ever made for my health! I've learned so much about nutrition from Steph; what to eat, when to eat, and what to buy at the grocery store. Not only did Steph provide me with an abundance of nutritional information and recipe ideas she was also there for me 24/7. Only an email or text away I could always ask Steph any questions I had, having that support system really helped me to stay on track and start to lose weight.

I started this journey at 150lbs and with Steph's help I was able to lose a total of 18lbs, I would strongly recommend Steph to anybody looking for a healthier lifestyle!

Thanks so much Steph for all of your help!!”


Jenilynn, Age 30

“Being Steph’s sister, I have known about this program since it started. It was always in the back of my mind to do it, but I’ve always hated dieting. Finally after having 3 kids, I was starting to feel uncomfortable with my body and decided to give it a try. It was not what I expected at all! This wasn't a diet, it was a lifestyle change…something me and my family could do together and stick with. 

Steph was able to give me new recipes and provide me with healthier options for some of the foods that I enjoy and can’t live without. She also kept me accountable every single day, which helped to keep me on track to reach my goals.

I started losing weight right away and the best part was that it was staying off! The more I saw results, the more motivated I was. For once in my life, I was encouraged to go to the gym and with Steph’s guidance and motivation, I’m loving it…I’m feeling better about myself and I’m stronger than I have ever been! So far on this journey, I have lots 13 pounds and I am still working every day to achieve my goals.

Thank you so much Steph for never giving up on me!"


Paula, Age 37

“I contacted Steph on recommendation from one of her clients.  That was probably one of the best things that I could ever have done for myself.  I had done other diet programs in the past.... Weight Watchers, shakes, Body Makeover etc. and had lost weight, but the weight always came back.  I finally got to a point where I was sick of it.  I hated have different size clothing in my closet, waking up and not feeling “good” about myself.  Then I signed on with Steph.  Wow!  After just a week, I had energy to spare and the weight was coming off!!

 I always thought that I ate fairly healthy, but with Steph's help I was able to discover more and more about living a healthy lifestyle.  Whenever I had questions, Steph was always there to respond back with a quick email or text.  If I staled one week, she would give recommendations for changes that I should make in my diet. If I “slipped up” once in a while, would she encourage me to remember that tomorrow is always a new day. 

I really liked that she didn't call it a diet; rather it is a lifestyle change and that that change also includes being active.   I started walking and jogging more often and signed up for a boot camp class as well.  With her help and encouragement, my body started to crave the exercise.  This felt amazing!  

I lost a total of 26 lbs. in just 16 weeks! I can't thank Steph enough for her guidance, encouragement and knowledge that she gave me.  If you are ready to make a change in your life, you definitely need to contact Steph.  You won't regret it!!”


Sara, Age 34

“I first decided to contact Steph in August of 2013 after hearing numerous and nothing less than glowing reviews from different people.

I joined the local gym in January 2013 and had lost 29lbs on my own but felt as if my commitment was waning and I needed a change to get me to my goal.

Enter Steph...young, beautiful, in great shape (way better shape than I could ever hope to be in- a schlumpy mom of two that had let herself go) and oh so positive, almost to the point of “really, is she for real?”  I just ate a whole pizza and she’s not kicking my ass, instead she’s telling me to learn from this lesson, and to plan for bumps in the road.

The first week I was sceptical, how could tiny changes in the way I was eating ever hope to get me to my goal, it seemed impossible. 

I texted all of my doubts to Steph, (over and over and over again) and she always told me to give it time, and think positively.

The first, second, third and following Fridays completely proved me wrong.  An amazing thing happened, the weight started to come off consistently and effortlessly.  More importantly, I was learning the proper way to eat and almost overnight my insane sugar cravings disappeared and the binging went with it.

Over the 4 months that I spent with Steph she taught me way more than I could ever have hoped for, yes, the diet changes were necessary but her kind words and positive attitude made me want to do better for myself and family and slowly I started to feel better about who I was (inside and out), and no longer talked to myself in negatives. 

In the four months I spent with Steph I lost another 28lbs and am continuing to lose with my goal of being 150lbs only 5lbs away.

Another amazing thing happened while working with Steph, my newfound love of running and eating properly started to inspire my husband to also re-evaluate his way of living and what he was using to fuel his body. 

In 3 months of using Steph’s tips and suggestions Mark has lost over 35 lbs. (and still losing) and together we are running our second 5km run with plans to complete a 10km this summer.

I can’t thank Steph enough for all of her time and effort in helping me become the person that I now am, I enjoy life a little bit more, clothes shopping is no longer stressful and I know that I can plan for special occasions and realize that treats do not make me a failure but rather human and tomorrow is a new day filled with healthy choices waiting to be made.

It’s a New Year and if you’ve ever considered making changes in your lifestyle or contacting Steph now is the time to do it. Cheers!”


Will, Age 30

“Like so many men I was in denial about my weight and personal fitness, I was a jock in high school and thought my body was still in its glory days! It wasn't until I saw myself in pictures on vacation at the beach that I noticed just how much I had let myself slip. I saw pictures and read the stories of other successful clients of Steph's on Facebook and decided it was time to contact her and do something about it. Honestly the best decision I have ever made for my body, it was so easy in moments we were ready to start and I was on my way! Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious! The daily food logs ensure that you are accountable every day, and every day you get feedback as to what you can do to improve your nutritional intake. I love that I could always ask lots of questions and no matter what I could always get a hold of her with answers almost immediately. Even now since our official time is up Steph is still there with encouraging texts and emails. I've seen before and after pictures on the internet and thought they were either fake, enhanced or done over much longer periods of time then they claim. I couldn't believe the results in real time, in just a month with Steph’s help I was able to lose significant weight and inches off my waist and maintain the muscle. I couldn't have done it without you Steph!

Thank you, your energy, knowledge and expertise are second to NONE! And you yourself are an inspiration! If you want to feel confident and look great, then you need to contact Steph at Thrive Health and Wellness”