In Person Visits!

Initial Consultation/Assessment (1 hour) – In the initial consult, I will get to know you and we will complete your client assessment form! We will discuss your current lifestyle and eating habits, your goals and any health concerns that you may have. We will also address any questions that you may have and ensure that you are ready to make some positive changes! I will review your client assessment form and provide you with my initial advice, feedback and suggestions along with some tips and tricks for healthy eating via email with 2-3 days of our initial visit.          Cost $150 +HST

Follow Up Visits (1 hour or 30 minutes)  - In our follow up visits, we will review your weekly food logs and adjust where needed to ensure that you’re on track to reaching your goals. I will answer any questions that you have and review any concerns or issues that you encounter each week to ensure that you’re happy and enjoying the program and that you’re on track to reaching your goals! You will leave our visits feeling prepared and ready to tackle the week!  1 Hour Cost $90 + HST     30 Minute Cost $50 + HST

Packages Available::

4 x 30 Minute Follow Up Visits  $175 + HST

8 x 30 Minute Follow Up Visits  $325 + HST

4 x 1 Hour Follow Up Visits   $325 + HST

8 x 1 Hour Follow Up Visits   $625 + HST

What You Can Expect From Our Visits:

  • How To Stay On Track With a Busy Schedule
  • How To Combat Cravings
  • Meal Ideas/Recipes
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • How To Eat Right For Various Health Conditions/Concerns
  • Exercise Advice
  • And More!
  • Initial Nutritional Assessment
  • Answers To Your Questions
  • Tips To Keep You On Track
  • Help With Grocery Lists/Shopping Tips
  • Pantry Pointers
  • How To Order From A Menu
  • Reading & Understanding Food Labels
  • Meal & Snack Ideas

If you’re looking for the daily support, guidance and motivation to keep you on track, THRIVES ONLINE SUPPORT PROGRAM will be perfect for you! Not only will you get the points mentioned above, you will also get a set number of in person visits (detailed below) along with the following:

  • Daily Online Support, Guidance and Communication
  • Accountability
  • Daily Food Logs & Diet Review
  • Weekly Weight In & Program Evaluation
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Available Daily Via Email To Answer Your Questions & Address Concerns
  • Customized Exercise Program (If wanted)

Thrives Online Support Program is available in the following durations:

4 weeks (includes 2 x 30 min visits)    8 weeks (includes 4 x 30 min visits)     12 weeks (includes 6 x 30 min visits)

Contact Steph Anytime For More Program Details, Locations & Costs!

Phone: 416-546-5881 OR Email: